Counselling with a Pluralistic Approach

My deepest wish is to help others to heal from the past, reconnect to the present and realise their full potential for a rich, beautiful, and fulfilling existence. Both Shiatsu and Pluralistic Counselling activate the client’s unique inner resources in compassionate, creative, and sometimes fun ways to restore full engagement to self, others, and life.

Life and relationships can be challenging in so many ways and it is always a privilege to help others along their chosen path towards fulfilment and happiness. Working together we can initiate positive change and personal growth towards health in body, mind and spirit.

I offer creative, compassionate mind-body and trauma-informed counselling tailored to your specific therapeutic needs and ways of working. Aligning the best approaches for your specific issues I offer a wide range of ways of working to help you move forward. I will invite the unique person you are to engage your own resources for growth, change and healing. Together we will agree on the best way to meet your counselling needs.

As a recent graduate of a Masters in Pluralistic Counselling with 2 years placement experience, I bring 15 years professional experience as a therapist, Qigong instructor and workshop facilitator. With my creative background and open approach to working with problems I offer holistic and comprehensive mind-body approaches to personal growth and healing. 20 years of mindful practice means I bring a calming and supportive therapeutic presence with a non-judgemental space for developing trust and relational depth in the most vulnerable.

A pluralistic approach to counselling allows the therapist to adapt ways of working that are uniquely tailored to the client’s ways of understanding and preferences. In practice this means you are actively engaged from the outset of the pace, direction, and content of your counselling journey, finding out what works for you and building a unique therapeutic template together . I bring professional counselling skills and body-work expertise to engage your current self-knowledge with what has worked for you in the past to facilitate the changes you desire . Together we can build a relationship that will help you achieve your therapeutic goals. I bring humour, openness and a  passion and lifelong commitment for growth and healing to be accessible to all. If you feel overwhelmed, lost or currently struggling I would like to help you find your way.

Some ways of working that I frequently use:

  • Working with dreams and the unconscious information (dream work)
  • Exploring childhood patterns/past wounds that may be limiting growth (Psycho-dynamic)
  • Creative visualisation, meditation skills and relaxation (accessing the unconscious)
  • Being present through body awareness, breathing techniques and somatic exercises(Mindfulness)
  • Exploring the links between thoughts, emotions, and behaviour patterns (CBT techniques)
  • Looking at spirituality, personal meaning and philosophy as aspects of your being (Existential/Transpersonal)
  • Using collage, music, storytelling, metaphor, drawing, writing, poetry, photography (creative approaches)
  • Looking at the inner wounding from childhood by re-connecting and healing younger aspects of self (Inner child work)
  • Exploring the relationship between physiology and psychology through diet, exercise, and mental health (Lifestyle coaching)
  • Learning about the physiological and psychological impact of early trauma and interventions that help (Psychoeducation)
  • Finding ways to re-connect to denied or repressed emotional aspects (emotional focused approach)            

At £40 per session, i aim to make my services affordable for everyone. You can email me to discuss

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